Humorous ironic comic “The world through the eyes of a dog”

We have already touched on comic in Frenchiemania , but this time, the hand of Robert Brown , we bring you one that explains how our dogs see the world from their own eyes and the signs of pitbull hip dysplasia. Have not you ever tried to explain something to your dog and you noticed that he does not listen , as if thinking of something? If we talk about the French bulldog it is a breed that tends to stay ” spacey “.

It’s very funny comic strip , because I’m sure my frenchies have thought about some of the things that appear on occasion. Maybe it’s because actually do not understand a word of what you tell them or perhaps because their way of seeing things is completely different from yours. Anyway, we’ll see the funny illustrations that may help you understand why many attitudes of our best friends and the world through their eyes.


as dogs see the world
as dogs see the worldas dogs see the world
Did you liked the comic strip? The original you can find it in What To Everything Looks Like Dogs . We hope you enjoyed. Do not forget to share :).