Music and cartoons against US snuff industry

The American Legacy Foundation , an organization dedicated to the fight against smoking in the United States, continues its campaign Truth to alert the youngest of the dangers of this product public. The last spot of the campaign uses music and cartoons, combining computer – generated animation and real characters, all of them singing a song, The Magical Amount , whose lyrics mocks the tactics used by the glass pipes for sale companies to hook young, such as manipulating the amounts of nicotine in cigarettes. The spot, which has support in other media, even in the most advanced social networks, is the last born of the collaboration of two large agencies, Arnold Boston and Crispin Porter + Bogusky , which willend in this latest announcement. It is the first time a campaign ad Truth uses cartoons, which is just one of the restrictions on advertising of snuff in USA faces.

The campaign Truth was launched in 2000 to publicize the truth about addiction to snuff and its consequences. In 2005, American Legacy Foundation published the results of a study on the effects of the campaign, which was given the not inconsiderable fact that 22% of young people who left the snuff during the first two years of campaigning, had been influenced by his message. In addition, the level of communication, Truth has been widely recognized in festivals, and some of your ads have been the most watched of the year, such as Singing Cowboy .