Music, comics and indoor plans for a rainy weekend

The weekend is presented rainy in much of the peninsula and you have to call Matrix Roofing Melbourne service, so this time we present a selection of plans that you will be able to shelter under the roof of a cinema or a theater. Check this site http://www.heimkinoleinwandtest.de/heimkino-beamer-test/ for the cinema projectors. In Barcelona we highlight a new day of Brunch Electronik, 34 International Comic Fair and the fourth edition of the event Managing Children for parents and large experts participate in education. Remember that in Toads and Princess find many more plans for this weekend in your city .

Tini: The Great Shift of Violetta (All Spain)

  • Location: All Spain
  • Release: May 6
  • Age: All ages

This weekend arrives in our cinemas the film adaptation of Violetta , the series has been a global phenomenon. Juan Pablo Buscarini is responsible for directing debut on the big screen actress Martina revelation ‘Tini’ Stoessel. Violetta is at a crossroads. A strenuous musical career and a complicated personal life prevented him from really listen to your inner voice. When you return from an exhausting trip, you receive shocking news that forces him to question his whole life.

34th International Comic (Barcelona)

  • Location: Fira Barcelona Montjuïc.
  • Date: From 5 to 8 May
  • Price: 8 euros
  • Age: All ages

The programming of this edition of Comic Fair this year includes more than a dozen exhibitions; display the replica of the ship “protagonist” of Independence Day: Counterattack ; the macro area of 500 square meters occupied by Nintendo in the Palace 1; as well as various activities such as safe driving circuit of the Catalan Traffic Service -located in the Plaza Univers- or the various workshops comics. In addition, invited by different publishers and authors offer FICOMIC signing sessions at the stands of exhibitors at the ground floor of Hall 2 throughout the day.

Managing children (Barcelona)

  • Location: Palau de Congressos de Catalunya
  • Date: S 7, 9: 30h to 14h
  • Price: 10 euros
  • Parent (activities for children)

You manage children gathers in Barcelona for the second consecutive year and celebrating its fourth edition, to reunite parents and educators who want to know more to educate better. In the event you can listen to expert speakers from education and other areas, which will bring you useful ideas for your day-to-day education. Eva Bach, Carmen Cabestany, Carles Capdevila and Fernando Botella among others, discuss the family, harassment, the role of teachers or the magic of education. There is a program for children 3 to 12 years in the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, hand Farm, the SM and Cruïlla Foundation and the Wizard Ivan Santacruz, with the aim of serving children and all, parents, to attend the event, which also will be broadcast in streaming.

Brunch Electronik, family festival (Barcelona)

  • Location: Plaza Mayor Poble Espanyol
  • Date: D 8, 12h to 22h
  • Price: 13 euros, free (children 0-12 years old)
  • Age: All ages

The small and supermini Piknic Electronik brother set out in its third edition as the favorite by the Barcelona public event, thanks to a line up every year stronger and characteristic family and festive atmosphere. As in the last edition, the Plaza Mayor of Poble Espanyol will again witness the spring festival par excellence. You can buy early entry for Petit Brunch! Remember that these tickets are valid for families (within the Petit Brunch hours: from 12: 00h to 18: 00h) and allow access of an adult and a child under 12 years.

Baby Rock, the sappy music is history (Madrid)

  • Location: ArtEspacio Plot Point, c / Ercilla 29
  • Date: In May D at 12
  • Price: 13 euros, free (children 0-12 years old)
  • Age 7

Babies and children travel through a world of sensations and stimuli. Original music with rock twist wraps movements and endless olfactory and tactile sensations, with which children will discover the story of two very special friends who speak different languages.

Exhibition: ‘Bocadillo de Cervantes’ (Madrid)

  • Location: Casa de America, Plaza de la Cibeles 2
  • Date: Until May 20, check schedules
  • Price: FREE
  • Age: All ages

Large Latin American illustrators meet in Room Torres García of the House of America to pay tribute to Miguel de Cervantes in the fourth centenary of his death, through a series of painted for the occasion on the walls of this room drawings.

Rock Family: Discovering Iron Maiden (Tudela, Navarra)

  • Location: Gaztambide Theatre Institute Avenida s / n
  • Date: D 8, 12: 30h
  • Price: adults $ 10, children (0-14 years) 8euros and Family Pack (2 adults + 2 children) 24 euros
  • Age: All ages

Rock sessions continue to fill family culture and history of music theaters. On this occasion, both adults and children can enjoy together the successes of Iron Maiden tribute band with his best: 666. Living the first concerts with your children, nephews or grandchildren while discovering one of the best bands in the history of rock will be an experience they will never forget.

The King of the Savannah, the Lion (Alicante)

  • Place: Auditorium of the Provincial Council of Alicante, Paseo Campoamor, s / n
  • Date: D 8, 19: 30h
  • Price: see prices
  • Age: +4 years

The small Kimba aspires to be king of the Savannah, which will undertake a journey full of dangers with his partner. You will soon discover that things are not as easy as they seem and be the king of all animals is no easy task. However, with the help of some very special friends will achieve save the king from certain death and claim a throne that actually belonged. And in the new times, force is not the most important …

‘Trip to the Moon’, with the Wizard Nacho Diago (Málaga)

  • Location: Teatro Echegaray, c / Echegaray 6
  • Date: D 8, 11: 30h and 13h
  • Price: 6 euros
  • Age: +6 years

A performance bound for the moon made several stops along its route: In the season of wonder, hanging around the mystery, with rest in the village of laughter and very close to the neighborhood of humor and absurdity suburbs. The Wizard Nacho Diago, 1st prize winner of magic in the XXVII National Magic Congress works with magic that follows a line of research where the everyday and common object is transformed into something magical and unexpected.

Chequín (Laguna De Duero, Valladolid)

  • Location: House of Arts of Valladolid, Avenida Juan de Austria 3
  • Date: D 8, 18: 30h
  • Price: 5 euros
  • Age: +5 years

The magician Paulino Gil has created this new and updated show, which plays Leonardo, a magical traveler a fairly unique hotel, where your adventure begins.The name is inspired by the check-in of the hotels. A homogeneous and dynamic show, full of expressiveness and comic winks, where the public will participate actively and you will see that the impossible can be realized using as a media gesture instead of the word, coupled with attentive band, scenery and choreography.