Physical injuries associated with computer use for new animators

Physical injuries associated with computer use . The computer use is widespread so that it is used in businesses, shops, offices, schools and even at home as a form of entertainment.

With large, medium or small screens, messages and large files they are handled remotely and even moving. This, although it has revolutionized communications in the world, can also cause health problems if not learn to use it properly. Ask more assistance with health proffesionals, you can visit GP clinic Kirwan.

These problems may be, from Postural affecting the spine and wrists, circulation by the amount of time it is inactive, and visual, because fixing the view on the screen. They are problems of the new millennium, or the century XXI , annoyances such as “evil carpal tunnel” or “elbow programmer” for these evils have been caused by this “double – edged sword” that the same man is determined to develop: Computer.


The word ergonomics, ergos comes from Greek roots meaning “work” and nomos which means “law or laws”. Literally it means “labor laws” as a science applied to the proper and efficient work performance. This means that when we refer to ergonomics we are talking about the way we work, covers not only comfort but also safety at work.

Ergonomics is the science that studies the injuries at work is a multidisciplinary science that studies how employees work to prevent incidents that could harm productivity. The ergonomics is interested in the employee’s work environment, not only the comfort of this, because a disability means fewer days of work and therefore less productivity. “The goal of ergonomics is to design the workplace in a way that suits the human capacity to prevent problems such as injuries,” ergonomic handles all the physical aspects that may affect the employee’s work environment, cleanliness and hygiene and safety.

eye injuries

They are not as serious injuries as the name makes you believe. In reality these injuries range from slight discomfort in his eyes as dryness, to swelling and headaches. These conditions are caused by long periods in front of the computer monitor, not only against conventional monitors, also against plasma monitors and flat screen TV. The eyes can become irritated by long periods of time doing one that requires close attention activity. This condition can be alleviated if occasionally flashes for rewetting eye.

Also, to avoid tensions in the ring Zinn is very advisable to take any breaks (stop working 5 minutes, make a cup of coffee ). You can look at a distance to avoid dizziness.

Injuries hands, wrists and arms

They are caused by repetitive traumatic stress. Working with computer means performing the same work several times (usually write on the keyboard ).These repetitive, seemingly harmless actions often affect many sessions after long hours. One of the most frequent repetitive motion injury is carpal tunnel syndrome .

This occurs when the nerve that runs from the forearm into the hand (and to this end, through the ‘tunnel’ wrist), is compressed as a result of the swelling and inflammation of the tendons and ligaments. According to experts, is an injury that can be very annoying in some cases is quite painful, causing punctures and, above all, loss of mobility and hand strength. If the sufferer does not take appropriate action, you can even lose the entire mobility in the affected area.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

The carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition caused by increased pressure or entrapment of a nerve at the wrist.

Symptoms may include numbness, current and pain in the arm, hand and fingers. There is a space in the

Carpal tunnel syndrome11

wrist called carpal tunnel, through which passes the median nerve and tendons from the forearm nine to hand.

It develops when the product of this tunnel swelling pressure rises compressing the nerve. When the pressure is high enough to alter nerve function, you may feel numbness, current and pain in the hand and fingers.

For those who use the computer as a working tool, it is increasingly common to find in the keyboard market mouse, chairs, desks, which though they may seem extravagant in their forms, are specially designed to suit the user, to protect those areas the more prone to injury body.

Neck and back injuries

They are caused by long hours of being poorly accommodated in some comfortable chairs. Not only that, the location of the monitor to the view is also very important. Must maintain a broad perspective, ie the PC monitor will not be above the visual field to not force the neck muscles and neck. We must not forget that the office furniture must have a considerable height and also have backed the spine from the beginning to its base.

Finally, it is concluded that knowledge is the best defense against any evil. Just pay attention to the following recommendations and feel free to ask help on our site http://www.aronberglaw.com.


  • Rest your eyes at least every 30 min, rewetting eye blink.
  • Using a filter for PC.
  • It should be placed as far as possible, perpendicular to the windows sense.
  • It should be at a reasonable level.
  • There must be between 40 and 70 cm away.


  • Use a chair with arms, or failing a bracket on the bottom of the keyboard that allows fully support both wrists.
  • The keyboard should be at elbow height to rest permanently.
  • Removing hands from the keyboard to stretch muscles and relax them about 2 hours.


  • Use a height adjustable chair, swivel and have five legs equipped with wheels.
  • Support covering the entire back.
  • Avoid bad postures as possible.
  • Improper handling of computer equipment by the user generates physical injury.
  • Injuries to the user’s computer equipment are the result of misuse of peripherals, accessories and furniture.
  • Knowledge of ergonomics avoids the user computer, physical injury.