The novel photographic booths are taken festivals and events Antofagasta

Since 2013 companies or those wishing to celebrate birthdays, weddings and other activities, hire this service by entrepreneurs in the region.

“Excellent and novel idea was a success in our marriage and left us beautiful memories of all,” says Patricia Barraza Antofagasta.The same view is Andrew Polanco, who said that the idea is “excellent and innovative idea. It was a success in our marriage and left us beautiful memories of all. “The couple married in April last year and describe a new service that is gradually breaking among entrepreneurs in Antofagasta: business instant photo booths.The idea is simple but quite entertaining. In a marriage, holiday, birthday or any gathering to celebrate and have fun, the client hires one of these booths companies and then attendees can take snapshots and even party favors. All to remember. Something like the mythical photographs that recorded the legendary Polaroid cameras.Most entrepreneurs in Antofagasta working with contacts through social networks and have different packs for everyone’s taste, adjusting their prices to the number of people.And if these days is organizing an event, eye with this list. Take note of the services they offer some of these micro antofagastinas where the name also included the link to their Photo Corner

As for the company, responsible Cristina Arancibia said that “our service is focused primarily to those who want to have fun, entertaining photographs and spontaneous celebration of your event, whether marriage, wedding anniversary, birthday, babyshower, bachelor single, among others. “There are three plans that have available Photo Fiesta. The first has a cost of $ 120,000 and has a time unlimited photos snapshots, plus two strips by printing three photos each, plus text design choice, cotillion, CD with all pictures of the cabins and also they will be available on the social network for download.This plus the logo design or special occasion background and text to choice.Now, for $ 30 thousand additional event a personalized book that includes photos printed, in addition to the dedications of the guests is added.Plans increase to $ 230,000 and $ 300,000 including the above, but increasing from two to three hours respectively.In addition, events are held both in Antofagasta and Mejillones, Cerro Moreno, Taltal and Tocopilla.Finally, the manager announced that during January is available a promotion of 15% discount on children’s birthday parties and two hours in the case of such celebrations in adults.
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Since mid-2013 that runs this company and consolidated the pioneers in the industry in the city. He said one of his managers, Pablo Vilchez, have two types of plans for various events.The first is three hours and costs of $ 320 thousand plus VAT, which includes three hours of unlimited photos, party favors, scrapbook if marriages, operator of the machine, assembly and disassembly, three photographs of a strip plus a fourth it is carrying a customizable logo.The second is $ 220 000 and comprises a similar service, but for two hours. events for companies or family events, whether babyshowers, weddings, birthdays, parties are also performed, etc.In addition, events in other districts of the region and mining are also made, by canceling an additional transfer. The contact telephone number is 78798841.Photo booth AntofagastaThe company has a service similar to the above and similar to that of other companies plans. Highlights include three hours of unlimited worth $ 320 thousand pesos and includes transportation within the city, more color printing photographs or other tones.To this cotillion work with both adds and company, weddings, family celebrations, parties, bachelors, among other celebrations as well as support of images.For quotes, phone contact is 50,148,289.

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Like the rest of these businesses, events ranging from parties for companies, to family celebrations, weddings, christenings, baby showers, birthdays for children and adults, degrees, year-end celebrations, among others.One of his managers, Eriko Craig, said the idea is “to keep the memory. Something atesorable celebration, which also deliver a backup of all photos. “Their prices are kept in line with the other companies. That is, $ 120 for an hour and include unlimited photos, party, movement, assembly-ginning and a person supervising the service.The cost increases to $ 200,000 and $ 300,000 respectively, because spans two and three hours of service respectively, but also the value is adapted to the number of people at the event.This includes digital to who hires the pack, which also links for downloading photos are delivered back.The contact telephone number is 82737853/98282477.

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Since the middle of last year that work delivering similar to the above proposal and focusing on both the celebrations of children as workers to slaughter.Like the above, the basic cost is $ 100,000 for one hour of unlimited, party favors and photos with digital support.This value goes up according to the stipulated time, although it is conversable according to the number of participants.The company works within the Region of Antofagasta and the service also includes the ability to customize the pictures depending on the event.