The poetic and comic packing suitcase

We are specialists in removals. We, the children of temporary contracts and fragmented thinking, have learned to live below the enduring . Home, family, work … words are always under construction within our semantic field. Either by obligation or by vocation, we are a nomadic generation.

Amid these platforms, suitcases and packages built around us fascinating universe scenic ‘The master key’ , a company returns with its particular grammar for the third time the Iberoamerican Theater Festival of Almagro ถุงแก้วใส .

‘Nomads’ , which is the name the work that we enjoyed last night at the Municipal Theatre, delves into this maelstrom of farewells and removal, leaving aside the words that are the bodies, gestures and music, which have .

With a tremendous job steering assembly breathes life into cardboard boxes, empty closets and suitcases, including inhabit the three actors who are cast. An interaction that has a lot of dancing and the interpreters exploit all the resources of physical theater and mime .

The result is a delicate work, precise movements and extremely striking in the visual , that without a single narrative development, able to generate a thematic atmosphere through the different pieces around a prop full of life.

Although preponderance of the comic, in its simplest and most direct version, the assembly also generates laden moments dramatics. And it does -this is one of the greatest strengths of assembly- providing both affections of a common poetic, where the uniformity of these ‘Nomads’ stands.

A fun and beautiful bet that reminds us that theater is much more than words and that where a heart look carefully inhabit stories that deserve to be heard .