At Fray Cayetano Rodriguez he held the traditional science fair where works from different areas were exposed. Gained notoriety stands linked to healthy eating habits among which a particular project, prepared by first graders, linked to the prevention and care of dental health was. Polyclinic goes to school, a public commitment.

“The guys working on the influence of acid on tooth enamel, for it included in the experimental process boiled eggs, emulating a tooth and liquid , ” said family dentist in Madison NJ coordinator in healthy eating. ” We see mass consumption of sugar in schools so we make this subject to call an awareness about it . The idea is to bring this initiative to other institutions and create a healthy kiosk, both children and parents are fascinated , “concluded the dentist.

“At breakfast hours we saw that children consume soft drinks and candy and no milk, chocolate, mate cocido or other more healthy foods. Therefore we inquire about what foods they bring to have good teeth and with the contribution of Gloria doctor who teaches about dental hygiene, we intend to change certain behaviors, with the project, and echo make the message ” , said  Laura Martinez , teacher in charge of the project.

“Through this work were taught to take care of our teeth and I’m very happy with it , ” said  ThiagoJaime Jasinsky , student exhibitor.

“We seek to develop new things, it’s a nice experience where they are taught the boys to work in order. We obtained the collaboration of many people to come out all right. We know that this work will pay off, “said Jaqueline Rubio, mother of a student.

The exhibition was supported by authorities in different fields; one of them was the Municipal Health.

“From Health worked with the director of the establishment in various healthy eating habits, anticipating and preventing any diseases or ailments” explicit  Jose Raya , director of Health while stressing professionals who are involved in the issue, “we will continue with this plan in the neighborhood school June 12 (UTA) 2, he said.

Raya reported that ensued from the Directorate and implemented a project called “The polyclinic goes to school”, by which specialists in ophthalmology, audiology, dentistry reviewed children entry – level and first grade, “also do a workshop on  bullying  to by a body of psychologists who advise teachers to address the problem , “he stated the official.

On the occasion, was a special guest  Roque Avellaneda,  president of the Latin American Dental Federation, “I am very grateful for the invitation to the event, which carries a very good scientific activity by the importance of awareness from children as preventive, since this results health, later ,”he said, as I said is this action forms a long – term investment,” we must congratulate those involved in this are handled with responsibility and a clear objective, that is why today I come to support this end , “he concluded.