The relationship between SEO types and comics

This type of content can be very useful for all those who work on website optimization, whether you are a professional or a novice in the world of SEO.

On this occasion I decided to do something a little different and less formal, something that perhaps has never been related: seo service gold coast and comic characters.┬áMore specifically, I will relate the similarities that exist between the people who do SEO and the characters of the comics. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s start.

Seo Flash

The Flash, also nicknamed the Scarlet Runner, has the ability to run extremely fast, to the extent that it can violate certain laws of physics. Flash has become one of the most important faces among superheroes of DC Comics and is part of the Justice League. But what is the relationship between Flash and SEO? Well in the SEO the less time the better. First of all because the activities that are used are repetitive we have to optimize the time. And secondly because for Google the loading time of a site, namely Site Speed, is also very important .

A SEO known for giving importance to the speed of loading a site, to improve the user experience and decrease the rebound percentage, is AJ Khon . He who knows that the importance of clicking on your site is that they do not return to the search results because the page has not loaded fast.

The characteristics to know who is a SEO Flash are:

  • It has shortcuts and plugins inserted in your browser bar so you do not waste time going to the site where the information is, but you can see metrics like PR, DA or social metrics from your toolbar.
  • SEO Flash’s favorite tools are those that tell you the speed of a website. An example of this is PageSpeed Insights by Google. This tool allows you to see the speed of a website, both desktop and mobile and shows you the errors that your site has to be corrected and thus have a faster site.
  • Another point of this type of SEO is that it optimizes the size of the images of your site so that they do not take so much at the time of loading , of this form obtains a site much faster.

As you will realize the speed in SEO is important when it comes to working optimizing sites and obtaining information very quickly, making a website is fast at the time of loading.

SEO Spiderman

Spiderman is perhaps one of the superheroes best known by people and popular within the Marvel Universe. It all begins when young teenager Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider that causes him to gain super powers like great flexibility, agility and ease of clinging to walls like a spider. Its “arachnid sense” and its creation to launch cobwebs, that allow him to be linked between buildings, are their most notorious characteristics.

Now what does Spiderman have to do with SEO? Well let’s talk a little link building . The SEO is divided into ” On Page and Off page “, in the off page you will find link building. These links are found on other sites and link (as you would a web) to your website. Backlinks help Google determine how important a site is. If there are multiple links pointing to a website this is popular and will be in the top positions in the search results. Not all links have the same value, but to understand this better I invite you to read this post on Link Juice .

Imagine that these links are like Spiderman webs that allow you to link between one building and another but in this case you link to websites. There is an SEO recognized mainly for its success in building links off page and it is Jon Cooper . He implements different strategies for link building, so if the SEO Spiderman existed, the example would be him.

If you want to identify the SEO Spiderman, check the following features:

  • He is fascinated by the link building.
  • It uses tools like Link Prospector , ahrefs , Fresh Web Explorer and Buzzstream . Any tool to help you in your link building strategy.
  • Manage link building strategies like: Blogger guest, building links from broken links, resource pages and link attraction.

External links are extremely important in SEO, so SEO Spiderman comes within this list.

Seo Batman

I must mention that Batman is my favorite character in the DC Universe. The bat man is one of the characters without super powers more emblematic. At an early age he witnesses the death of his parents and is taken care of by the Alfred family butler. After this, he decides to take revenge by battling bat-like crime. But what makes Batman interesting for SEO is:

Ability to analyze : With an IC of 210, Batman is one of the brightest minds out there. He is able to solve very complicated mysteries thanks to his great analytical ability. Given that he does not have super powers, this character supplies that being a detective, strategist, commander and a tactical scientist without equal.

Master of strategy : Thanks to his great intellect, Batman is able to create strategies that confuse his enemies and allow him to solve problems that for many could have no solution. He always has a plan B for every situation.

In web optimization, strategy and data analysis are fundamental. One of the most popular and powerful tools for analyzing data on a website is Google Analytics . This tool allows you to know the traffic that is having a site, you can compare it with other dates and you can check the traffic of a specific period. It allows you to know where the traffic comes from, whether it is by mobile or from a computer, also if the traffic is organic, direct or referential. You can know which pages are the most visited on your site and the time people spend on them and that is only part of what Google Analytics can provide you. As you can see it is a very complete tool but it is not the only one.

Another analysis tool that provides you with valuable information on the status of a site is Woorank . Here you will see the strengths and weaknesses of a website, from an SEO point of view. How to know if you have metadata, if you are using keywords, if you have your images optimized, if you have a site map and robots txt, if you have optimized URLs and much more useful information than an SEO audit should not miss.

After you have the information of a website, its traffic and its weak and strong points, you can create an SEO strategy for the site. For example, how to know which words to use to optimize the on page part and what off page strategies you can implement taking into account the source of your traffic.

An SEO that is renowned for its analytical skills, knowledge in SEO and being a great strategist is Ross Hudgens . It is someone who knows how to take content as a strategy to improve the rankings of sites in search results.


The features you can find in SEO Batman are:

  • Deepen and analyze data using Google Analytics.
  • Before implementing a strategy, check the strengths and weaknesses of a site using tools like Woorank.
  • You tend to do A / B testing to determine which strategy you can use and be 100% sure to implement it.

Analysis and strategy go hand in hand when you optimize a website. You need all the information you need to know what points you have to work on. Develop a great analytical capacity and implement the right strategies to be a SEO Batman.

SEO Ironman

Tony Stark or better known for his alter ego Iron Man is one of the most famous characters in Marvel Comics and perhaps one of the best-known superheroes these days. This character is a millionaire, entrepreneur and engineer. He has no powers and instead uses his creativity, intelligence and money to build his technology. For example his armor that helps him fight his enemies and feed his ego. Tony Stark is always up to date and innovating his technological tools, it is possible to mention that he constructed 42 different armors, to use them depending the situation and the necessity.

In SEO the use of software tools and being updated are important points that every SEO should have. You must know the tools that exist to get the most out of them, some will be free but if they carry a cost do not hesitate to invest and if there is no specific tool you need do not see it as a problem but as an opportunity, build your own Tool, Iron Man would do it.

An example of this is found in Moz , a company founded by Rand Fishkin that is dedicated to developing software for SEO. Moz is one of the best known companies in SEO and digital marketing which has software tools that you should know and if you do not know them yet I will tell you below.

  • Moz Analytics
  • Open Site Explorer
  • Fresh Web Explorer
  • Followerwonk
  • MozBar
  • MozScape API
  • Keyword & Ranking Tools
  • Moz Local
  • Crawl Test

As you can see there are several software tools that Moz offers. And if we talk about SEO Iron Man Rand Fishkin would be one.

What features does this type of SEO have?

  • He loves technology and uses it for his SEO strategies.
  • He is a member of Moz and uses his tools.
  • If there is no tool you need, build one.

Do not hesitate to use the software that you find, if you need to pay for any tool do it, as long as it is well applied you will see progress in your rankings.