When the story began diet?

Not sure when or how people started with the idea of diets, but one thing is very clear, Pastillas Naturales para Adelgazar have been around for many years and generations. People from all over the world control their food either for health reasons or aesthetics. Being overweight usually brings many diseases, that is why people try to control their weight and what they eat.

On the other hand in today’s world to be thin becomes synonymous with beauty, it is why women try to look more attractive by controlling weight by different diets so they can show off a sculpted body.

History of diets in the twentieth century

The history of the twentieth century diet is varied. It became very popular in the early 30’s diet grapes. Experts believed those years seaweeds and grapes were the best choice for people who wanted to lose weight. Unfortunately the results of this diet were bad and people resumed their weight loss methods.

By the year 40 and 50 history of diets I take another course. In those years were introduced to the market the first diet pills. Many companies making these diet pills promoted their products in radio advertising flooding them. After a few years people discovered that the pills had serious effects on their health.

The discovery that diet pills produce unhealthy side effects in people led experts to recommend return to more natural methods to lose weight and exercise and eat healthy and light. Many people stop taking the pills, but others continued as they saw pills a quick and easy way to try to lose weight because they spent most of their time working.

eating disorders

Many people became obsessed with diets over the years. Women were very susceptible to the idea that being thin means being beautiful. They tried to lose weight by not eating drastically. Anorexia nervosa was record in the early 70s Women with a distorted perception of their bodies fell is this disease as a result of an extreme diet. Anorexia claimed many lives in those years. People who want to lose weight starving spent days which led them to death